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Thursday, February 20, 2014

We Are Hiring!

We're seeking a fearless and fashionable business development expert in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

Join our growing event design firm in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX as a Brand Ambassador.

Here’s What We’ll Expect From You in Your First Year With Us:
You’ll develop new client relationships across social, corporate and non-profit platforms that result in dynamic events.  We expect clients to rave that you understand their needs and successfully connect them to our team of experts to help them achieve their event goals.  They will notice that you are proactive, resourceful, accessible and professional.

You’ll engage in business development activities such as conducting sales calls, attending tradeshows and networking events, as well as represent us at social functions.  We expect your efforts to uncover new clients with six figure budgets that expand our revenue and market share.   Your role will be vital to our long-term success.  

You’ll work closely with our team, interacting daily with marketing, design, and production management to collectively deliver events that Wow! our clients.  Your role is integral to fostering relationships with current clients as well as developing and implementing strategies that expand our business with new customers. 

Here’s What You Should Bring:
·                     Initiative:  You are resourceful, proactive and entrepreneurial.  If there’s a way, you’ll find it, without being prodded.
            Tenacity:  You are driven and are a relentless go-getter.  Giving up is never an option for you.
            Style:  You have a flare for fashion and a gift for accessorizing.  You love color, pattern and texture and mix them well.  You believe your style is reflected in everything you do from how you dress to the way you interact with the world around you.
            Integrity:  If you say you’ll do something, you do, even if it means making small personal sacrifices on occasion.   
           Confidence:  You believe anything is possible and you are confident you can turn ideas into action.  Fearless is your middle name.
                     Likeability: You’re a wooer and can relate to anyone, even executive level customers and partners.  You interact exceedingly well with people from all walks of life. 
           Trustworthy:  You understand that privacy and confidentiality are essential to building trust with others.  You are known for your discretion.   
          Communication Skills:  You pride yourself on your ability to communicate effectively, succinctly and promptly.  You know that being a good listener is the first step to being a good communicator.  
          Responsibility:  You take ownership for your actions.  You believe you should be the solution to the problem and never the problem itself.  
          Experience:  You have 3-5+ years business work experience with at least 2 years of sales experience.  You have a proven track record of success. 

Should You Apply?
The question to ask yourself is, “Are you #SoTWE?” Are you fierce and fearless? Do others consider you a wooer or a center of influence?  Are you competitive and have a can-do attitude? Do you want to work with one of the top ranked event design companies in the country?  Are you serious about being on the cutting edge of event trends?  Are you passionate about innovative ideas that propel businesses forward?  Are you looking for a career that rewards you with competitive compensation and exciting growth opportunities?  Yes?  Well then, please send an email to and tell us why you’re #SoTWE.

OTE Year One: $75,000
OTE Year Two:  $150,000

About Tara Wilson Events:
Tara Wilson Events (TWE), one of the top 50 nationally recognized event design and coordination firms in the country and is committed to providing creative, well-orchestrated and memorable events for clients.   As the premier event partner for social clients as well as businesses and non-profit organizations nationwide, TWE is known for employing the brightest and boldest.  The team is made up of innovators, creators, competitors, dreamers, believers and doers.  We are known for being friendly, thoughtful, positive, witty, confident and fierce.

For additional information, visit  You can also learn more about us by checking out our Instagram feed, Pinterest account or following us on Facebook, @TaraWilsonEvents. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Ultimate Super Bowl Party 2013

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and you are likely juggling a few invitations to parties. More than 61 million Americans will attend a Super Bowl Party, and who wouldn’t love to have the bragging rights to throwing the best come Monday morning.

Tara joined Betsy Karetnick, host of the Martha Stewart SiriusXM Radio program, “Living at Home,” to discuss how to throw the Ultimate Super Bowl Party. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by having such a rambunctious crowd in your home, try some of these tips to ensure that you Wow! all of your guests, big and small.

One of the biggest conundrums for most hosts is party d├ęcor. There are easy ways to make a big punch, that are both adult and kid friendly. Head over to Home Depot to purchase some indoor/outdoor green carpet and make a football field runner leading up to your front door. Using white duct tape, you can create yard lines. If you don’t have an outdoor space, this also makes a great table runner for your buffet. Green butcher paper will also work, if you can’t find the “turf.” 

Another great table option is using wheat grass, and adding mini footballs, football themed cookies, or even miniature goal posts

It’s also easy to set up a custom photo booth. Create a backdrop with butcher paper, vintage football pennants and large black roman numerals for this year’s game, XLVII, in case you were wondering. Set up your camera on a tri-pod, and either include a remote, use the self timer, or have guests volunteer to snap photos of each other. Include a prop table complete with foam fingers, pom poms, whistles, striped jerseys, yellow penalty flags, and foam footballs. This will encourage guests to document all the revelry.

Worried that the half-time show might be a little too PG-13? Set up an obstacle course in the backyard for kids and adults to battle it out training-camp style. Create a football toss, tackle dummy, 40 yard dash, ropes/tires, and end zone dance. Award prizes, like faux Lombardi trophies to the fastest time, or most creative player.

For fans who really love the commercials? Create custom rating cards that range from 0 – Change the Channel, to 10 – Instant YouTube Sensation. You can also set up a laptop to stream guests favorite commercials from years past.

The main attraction? The food, of course. The Super Bowl is second in splurging, only to Thanksgiving. The idea is to keep things simple and self-serve. As the hostess, you want to be able to interact with your guests, and stay out of the kitchen. A Spud Bar, Wings, or Mini Football Shaped Pizzas are all great options. Cupcakes with whistle toppers, and cookies cut into football shapes all add whimsy to your buffet as well. Make sure you set the food up in multiple locations that are easy to access from the TV, but won’t impede other guests view of the game. It’s even a great idea to set up a second TV for kids and other guests that aren’t as interested in watching the game. This will ensure that your die hard fans are really able to enjoy the main attraction.

And don’t forget to send your guests home with a little favor, such as a hangover kit. Advil, Alka-Seltzer, tomato juice, and mini donuts will help your guests get going the next morning after over indulging. 

Most of all, just enjoy yourself. If you are having a great time, so will your guests.

For more ideas and inspirations, check out Tara's Super Bowl Board on Pinterest, or check out these past posts for recipes and other decor ideas. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Open Letter: Why I Run

Why I Run

My first experience with distance running was the summer before sixth grade when my basketball coach told the team to run from the elementary track back to the high school.  Wearing a pair of white Nike high-tops, I was determined to run the whole way, which I did, and was the first to finish.  I’ve always relished that run, the thrill of the accomplishment a secret source of pride.  To this day, I still don’t know the distance I ran; I’ve never measured it.  If I had to guess I would say it was only 2 miles, but back then it felt like many more.

I think of that day often, mainly on long runs that are really tough.  When the pain and agony of the repressive Texas heat becomes almost unbearable and I’m ready to quit, I lose myself in that memory.  I go back to that summer morning and tap into the determination I somehow mustered.  And before I know it, I’ve forgotten the current pain in my body, the labor of my run and I find it in myself to keep going, just like I did back then. 

This weekend I tapped into that memory one more time.  Certainly my disappointment over the cancelation of the NYC marathon is secondary to my heartbreak for my favorite city and her community. And all the heartbreak and disappointment got me thinking, why do I run?  Is it really for the glory of finishing a marathon? Not really. 

I run to spend time with good friends. 
I run to achieve a goal I set.  
I run to rise above the negative noise in my head. 
I run to outrun the frustration of a hard day.
I run to celebrate a milestone.
I run to counter balance my love of food.
I run to see the look on people’s faces when I tell them how far I ran.
I run to find myself. 
I run to lose myself.
I run to feel alive.
I run to numb the pain.
I run to prove a point to myself.
I run because I am beyond grateful that I live in a place where I can run. 
I run because there’s always a hot cup of coffee with friends at the end. 
I run because I am strong.
I run because I am confident.
I run because I am capable. 
I run because the glory is in having the courage start and the heart to finish.
I run because today I can and tomorrow doesn’t promise me anything.

In the wake of my trivial yet personal disappointment I know this:  I will keep running.  It’s what runners do. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Project: Fall Decor

Fall has officially arrived and that makes me very happy!  This weekend the temperatures dropped so I took the opportunity to spend some time outside and decorated our front door.  I consider this the perfect Southern welcome.

Pepper loves Fall, too.

You've got mail!  I felt the mailbox could use a little color this year.

I added a little color to the garden bench in the side yard.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Inspiration

Fall is just around the corner in Texas.  This makes me happy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Inspiration

Of note:  Ephemera from McMaster & Storm

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Redesigned to Inspire - An Armoire Makeover

A few Sundays back I decided my kitchen armoire needed a makeover.  It was stuffed full of cookbooks and glassware but with no rhyme or reason.  Frankly, it was driving me crazy so I spent the afternoon making it look a bit more stylish.

Of note:
  • Using Smock wrapping paper that I had on hand and double sided tape, I lined the back of the armoire.
  • I gathered up some of my vintage milk glass, displaying it together to create a little collection.
  • Pulling my favorite cookbooks in to one neat stack, I topped them with my cute little cow creamer.  I like that it adds a whimsical element.   
  • Finally to give the space an extra pop of color, I moved my orange cocktail shaker out of the bar and into full view. 
What small redesign projects have you tackled lately?  Tell me about them or send me a link to your Pinterest board.  I would truly love see what you're up to!

Pulling items from different areas of my house, I styled my kitchen armoire to reflect my love of  color, whimsy and vintage pieces.